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Camps get you out and about and give you a taste of what RAF personnel do.

Weekend Camps

These allow time for more intensive training than during weeknights, but can fit into a weekend and not interfere with school holidays. You could be doing all kinds of things like 
orienteering, over-night exercises or other specialised training.

Annual Camps

Once you're used to local camps you'll want more. Every year, you're given the opportunity to attend a camp on an operational RAF station.  These camps last a week (normally Saturday to Saturday) with the purpose of getting you even closer to Service life.

As a cadet you will stay in RAF accommodation blocks, eat at the airmen's mess and visit the various sections around the station.
In addition, you will meet the base personnel, as well as take part in sports, quizzes, aircraft recognition competitions and any social activities which may be available.

Overseas Camps

Camps are not limited to the UK, as our older cadets get opportunities to go on overseas camp at the RAF stations in Gibraltar, Cyprus or Germany.  In addition, Cadets can also take part in the International Air Cadet Exchange ("IACE").

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