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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join?
    Contact Us! We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork for your parents/guardians to complete, show you around the Squadron and introduce you to some of the Cadets.
  • How old do I have to be?
    You can join provided that you are between 12 (and in Year 8) and up to 17.
  • When and where do you meet?
    We are open Monday and Wednesdays (not including bank holidays) from 18:55 to 21:30. We are located at The Cadet Forces Centre, St. Michaels Road, Newbury, RG14 5PP.
  • Do I need to turn up to both nights?
    We expect cadets to attend as many of the Squadron’s parade nights as possible to ensure that they obtain maximum benefit from the training programme. However, we also take into account that cadets will have holidays, school exams, and unforseable occasians where attendance is not possible.
  • How much does it cost, and how can I pay?
    Cost The subscription for an enrolled cadet is £10 per month, however new cadets have the first three months of subscriptions paid for by the squadron. Subscriptions must be paid regardless of attendance. Method of Payment Payment of subscriptions have to be paid by an online subsription management system, details of this will be provided when you join. Gift Aid If you are a tax payer, please sign the gift aid form, your subscriptions will generate us valuable additional income from the Tax Office at no extra cost to you. This form can also be found under the downloads section of the website. Financial Assistance There may be financial assistance available for those who are not able to afford certain activities. In the first instance, please contact the welfare section of the Civilian Committee via
  • How often will I go flying / gliding?
    We aim to provide a flight opportunity every year to each cadet.
  • What activities do you run during the school holidays?
    Many! There are almost too many to list as school holidays are our busiest time of year. Some of the activities that are run by the air cadets include: Summer Camps to RAF Stations Overseas Camps Duke of Edinbugh Award Expeditions Fieldcraft Courses Radio Courses 1st Aid Courses And many more!
  • Are there any medical requirements?
    There are no formal medical requirements for cadet membership. However, some activities are of a strenuous nature and a reasonable level of fitness is required for them. It is of paramount importance that all known medical conditions are declared when joining the air cadets, and that they are indicated on the Consent to Join form (RAF 3822A). If any conditions materialise after your child has joined, please let us know in writing. These medical conditions should be restated on consent forms for camp/activities.
  • Are there any compulsory events?
    There are two compulsory parades: Remembrance Day parade (nearest sunday to the 11th November), and our Open Day/Evening parade that is usually held in June/July (but we will give you plenty of advanced notice as to the specific day).
  • Do I have to join the Armed Forces if I become a cadet?
    No. The Air Cadets are sponsored by the RAF, but there is absolutely no requirement to join any of the Armed Forces at any time.
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