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Flying is one of the key parts of being an air cadet.
We aim to get each cadet an Air Experience Flight ("AEF") each year.

Prior to flying, each cadet receives a comprehensive safety training.

Usually, an AEF lasts between 20 to 30 minute - and you could also experience aerobatics during this! 

During an AEF you will also go through the basics of flying, such as keeping a good look out, reading the cockpit and manovering the aircraft.

In addition, the Air Cadets provide opportunities to apply for flying scholarships once you reach 17, which can provide opportunities for solo flight and contribute to a private pilots licence opening the door to a Carer in flying. 


Gliding is a key activity for Air Cadets.

Our squadron gets 20-25 opportunities to attend Gliding Induction Courses per year, as well as trips at Summer Camp. There is also the opportunity to attend a Gliding Scholarship for cadets over the age of 16 - allowing them the opportunity to fly solo - and most complete it before they've even passed their driving test!

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